Sunday, August 31, 2008

John Bardo Espiritu: The Dark Horse Will Kick Ass At MIP 2008

Photo # 1 (Thanks to John Bardo Espiritu and his websites) Photo # 2 Photo # 3 Photo # 4 Photo # 5 Photo # 6 Photo # 7 Photo # 8
Name: John Bardo Espiritu
Age: 19 years old
Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 165 lbs.
Waist: 33
Address: Marikina City
Work: Student, Model
Sports: Muai Thai Kickboxing
Male Pageant Joined:
-Mr. International Philippines 2008
Titles Won:
-Mr. International 2008- 2nd Runner Up
Has modelled for:
Photo Credits:
-Dan Santos:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Carlos Freire: Damn This Man Is HOT!

Photo # 1 (Thanks to Carlos Freire and his websites) Photo #2 Photo # 3 Photo # 4 Photo # 5Photo # 6 Photo # 7 Photo # 8
Name: Carlos Freire
Real name: Carlinhos Freire
Nationality: Brazilian
Height; 6 ft.
Waist: 31
Work: Model , Computer science
Interests: Enjoy riding motorcycle, working out
Hobbies: Watching movies, swimming at the beach
Agency: Vision Model Management
Has modelled for:
-International Jock
-Summer collections of LA Sporting Club
-Style-Cover Magazine
-Vanity Fair
-Tulio-Brazil's swimwear designer

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pageant Candidates:Mr. International Philippines 2008 Part 2

Photo #1 Aaron Jimeno
Photo #2 Dennis Torres Photo #2 Edouard George Photo # 3 John Bardo Espiritu Photo # 4 Ian Leonil Porlayagan Photo # 5 Jeff Surio Photo # 6- Juan Lorenzo Quitiquit Photo # 7- Leo Reyes Photo # 8- Marvin Miranda Photo # 9 Norman Mallare Photo # 10 - Philip Ramos Photo # 11 - Ryan Roberts Photo # 12- Bryan Baculi Photo # 13- Christian Cayabyab Photo # 14- Mike Lee Photo # 15 - Ricswartz Sibal

THE HEAT IS ON! At least fifteen of young and handsome men made it to the finals of this years Mr. International Philippines 2008. From a group of more than 33 wannabees, they were trimmed down to half ... to give you more chance to see each one of them upclose and personal!

Garbed in plain shirts and denim pants only, the camera of Ian Felix Alquiros and partner Dan Santos (two moving giants behind The Men's Room) has never seen enough clicks and camera flashes to their memory.

Kibitzers to the photo shoot swear that this year's MIP questers promises a slambang competetion on male beauty, talent and intellegence.

Another onlooker heralded the group as the fresh and the youthful batch, and it poses to be the biggest assembly of good looking studs and pups. Young and restless faces, bolder and more daring ... makes MIP 2008 a campaign like no other.

Judge for yourself then ... as we invite you to witness who among these men will represent our country In the Mr International contest to be held in Taiwan sometime in October. We did it once before when Alexander Aquino wowed the world when he bested a bevy of world's finest Adonises. This year may not be different.

So see you on September 1, 2008 at A. Venue Mall (7829 Makati Avenue corner Valdez St. Makati, Metro Manila). The contest will start at 7 PM. See you there ...

Photo Credits:

-Mr. International Philippines 2008- Mr. Mike Lim

Kyle Ledeboer 2: Some Like It Hot!

Photo # 1 Thanks to Kyle Ledeboer and his websites) Photo # 2 Photo # 3 Photo #4 Photo # 5 Photo # 6 Photo # 7 Photo # 8

Name: Kyle Ledeboer
Nationality: American
Work: Model, Athlete
Sports: Soccer, Football
-Major Model Management
-Front Management Miami
Ad Campaigns: Hollister
Has Modelled For:
-Aron Norman
-Bruce Weber
-John Whitney
-Takis Bibelas
Describe himself as: positive, optimistic, understanding

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pageant Candidates: Mr. International Philippines 2008

Photo # 1- Christopher Onghay
-tall and lithe, smooth chested and low-key
-sexually voracious and quite bootilicious
-his good looks and a muscle-bound physique make for a potent package

Photo #2- Dennis Torres-
-Placcid demeanor... and luscious muscles, a powerhouse combo.
-He is designed for maximum impact
-Boyish face in a man's body

Photo # 2 Edouard George
-Deserve a 21 man salute
-Killer smile

Photo # 3 - Jeff Surio
-Scorching hot ...
-Dangeroudly Charming
-Looking tough and rough ... look oh ... so good!

Photo # 4 Ian Porlayagan
-Attractive and compact
-he was born in the spotlight
-Need an all around worship

Photo # 5 - John Bardo Espiritu
-Guy next-door handsome
-Plush body and ripe buttcheeks
-Has a soft and sensual side.

Photo # 6- Jimmy Dionisio
-Baby-faced cutie
-Sweetly romantic ... i suppose.
-Pearly white-grin

Photo # 7- Juan Lorenzo Quitiquit
-Pert buns are felicitously featured
-Boyish face, broad shoulders
-gorgeous dreamy hunk ...

Photo # 8- Laurence Zeus Rafer
-Dazzling smile ...awesome ridged ... and wholesome sex apppeal
-Utterly adorable ...
-Tall, lean ... luscious ...

Photo # 9 - Leo Reyes
-an all around delish ...
-strong ..masculine and hard!
-a raging stallion ...

Photo # 10- Marvin Miranda
-his bod even more muscled and defined.
-charismatic and charming
-nicely built

Photo # 11 Norman Mallare
-adorable freshman
-piercing stares ... and big round eyes is a big come on ...
-swimmers build...

Photo # 12 - Philip Ramos
-tall, smooth and lanky
-enduring and endearing cuteness!
-languid looks ... pouty lips is a turn on!

Photo # 13- Ralph Gino Verona
-cute as hell ...
- tight, athletic bod
- a rising star ...

Photo # 15- Paulo Saromo
- i love that bald pate ..
-muscled over-all physique
-humpalicious ...

Photo # 16- Mike Lee
-all man ... all hard ...
-humpy and bumpy!
-one look at him and you start dirty looks ...

Photo # 17- Miguel Mascarina
-just muscled enough
-a skaterboi sexy vibe
-a fire plug ...

Photo # 18- Julian Jerry Binarao
-handsome and butch
-killer front and behind
-almost a washboard abs to me ...

Photo # 19- Mark Joseph Griswold
-a male spectrum ...
-pumped up and perky bod
-he looked affectionate ... if looks aren't deceiving

Photo # 20 - Lennard Cruz
-infectious ... or contagious smile
-quite ... and understated appeal
-he add zip to any scenario

Photo # 21- Gilmor Navalta
-pillowy abs you love to spent the night with
-sinfully sexy
-pouty lips ... i think he is a heartbreaker.

Photo # 22- Francis Cruz
-a welcome blast of male beauty
-he can fuel a daydream or a sexual fantasy
-lean and smooth physique

Photo #23 - Richard Lopez
-all around macho
-affectionate ... but looks deadly aggressive.
- he made the gym his home ...

Photo # 24- Ricswartz Sibal
-young, bald and riduculously handsome
-irresistible booty
-sexy and luscious muscle cheeks

Photo # 25- Ryan Dungo
- the eyes have it ... such soulful eyes!
- sultry stunner ...
-the gorgeous looks should be enshrined in a Hall of Fame somewhere ...

Photo # 26- Ryan Macabenta
-intense sexual heat ... oozing with appeal
-lean and angular ... and sinewy
-goddamn sexy ...

Photo # 27- Ryan Roberts
-piercing-eyed gaze
-look stoic to the point of iciness ... nevertheless maintains that sexiness
-cuddly-tattoed manliness ...

Photo # 28- Christian Cayabyab
-beautiful Pinoy cupcake...
-radiant screen presence..
-winning form... knock-out face ...

Photo # 29 Bryan Baculi
- poetry in motion
- a welcome sight ... prodigious sexual heat and energy level
- a leap up the ladder in terms of confidence

Photo # 30- Alvin Aguilar
- he will top your must-have list of favorites
- just enough body fur ... he looks ready anytime
-knockout demeanor, sculpted bod ... a body to die for

photo # 31- Adam Ibrahim
-ripped physique in Pinoy standard
-alluringly attractive... to make you sit up and look twice.
-honeyed skin ... firm and taut muscles ...

Photo # 32- Aaron Jimeno
-crushingly handsome piece of beefcake
-grumpily gorgeous ... with looks that can turn you to jelly.
-quietly intense ... pinoy stud

When Dan Santos called me to ask me to help in the promotions of Mr. International Philippines 2008 which will hit the stage on September 1, 2008 at A. Venue Events Mall in Makati , I was quite hesitant to accept the job offer ... knowing that I am thousand of miles away from P. I. "What will I write ...", I complained .Other than reading other promotional materials in the web and looking at the photos of the candidates ... I dont have anything to write except my first impression about the candidates, what I feel about them (physically and otherwise)

"I haven't seen them in person for Pete"s sake ..." I continued, " and have not talked to anyone of them, have not called them for an interview and have not seen them even in a distance. Of course I know some of the candidates personally ... and lest I will be judged as biased, I'd rather keep my opinions and biases to myself .. for now. Other than just hunches, gut feelings, and my crystal ball ... there is really nothing I knew about the candidates, that I can be made into a feature."

But I can't say "NO" to Dan Santos ... and Ian Felix Alquiros (the twin head honcho of The Men's Room). They are just too sweet to support me in my blogs ... it's time to retun the favor.

Putting everything in perspective ... and my credibility intact I decided to zip my mouth and let my friends here in USA ... do the work for me. I showed them the photos of the candidates from the elimination round ... and let them write their FIRST IMPRESSIONS about each one of them.
The respondents were (5 Americans, 3 Mexicans, 2 Blacks, 1 Puerto Rican and 1 Venezuelan.)

The result in my opinion is positive. It was even an eye opener for me. Indeed Filipinos can be apppeal ing to anybody ... no matter what race they are. Some comments were straightforward
and honest . Some comments have sexual coloring ... but what do we expect? We showed them these sexy pictures ... they give us their first impression!

If we are not used to this types of commnts ... we better learn to apppreciate them now. ORA MISMO! (Dan and Ian ... I did my assignment ... ha ha ha ...sigh)

Photo Credits:
-Mr. International Philippines 2008