Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pageant Candidates: Mr. Sexy Body 2011

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The pageant season is here, just like the advent of summer . And from both side now ... male and female pageant continue to inundate us ... and it looks like they are here to stay ... to give you warm summer nights and something to look forward to when weekends are tedious and wearisome.

And just like this excited reader who emailed us the images above, he just want to share to us the "can't-be-ignored-photos-in-the-net" who in his simple way, his action will remind Man Central not to forget to include them in the features. He said they are the candidates of Mr. Sexy Body 2011 ... and it looks like his excitement has the bodies of evidence. And we agree the batch looks promising and reassuring.

We are however asking the help of our Man Central readers to identify the candidates in case they know some of them. In the comment section of the feature just type photo number and then the name of the candidate. We promise we will try to update you who the big winners will be ... when the finals are over. (Photo Credits: All photos are copyright to its rightful owners)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

European Titleholder: Sonny Wouters

Sonny Wouters is the 23 years old 1.89 m hunk from Mersksem is the new Mr. Universe Model Belgium 2011. He won the title last November 26 2010. He will go to Dominican Republic in May to compete for Mr. Universe Model 2011.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel

Name: Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel -Filmography:-Love Ni Mister, Love Ni Misis
-Nita Negrita -Sana Ngayong Pasko -Majika -Princess Charming -Mulawin -Mano Po 2

-That's Entertainment -Photo Credits:-GMA 7 -All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sa Yo Lamang

Name Of The Movie: Sa Yo Lamang -Stars: Coco Martin, Diether Ocampo, Enchong Dee, Zanjoe Marudo -Producer: Stars Cinema -Director: Laurice Guillen -Photo Credits: Star Cinema

Thiago Tricarico: Mr. Maranhao 2011

The eyes have it! Thiago Tricarico - Mr. Maranhao 2011 has a pair of eyes that can melt you down when he start gazing at you. Such deep penetrating eyes and wait ... he is just 26 years old and stands 1,80 meters. Thiago will add more weight to the already formidable line up in the Mr. Brazil 2011. Hotel do Frade will never be the same again!
Photo Credits: Mister Brazil Mundo 2011

Chris R. : By Rick Day

Photo # Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo #Photo #Photo #Photo #Photo #
Chris R. is the latest inductee to the many male models who have experience how it is to be under the meticulous lens of Rick Day. Of course as everyone knows Rick Day aside from the technical qualities seen in the resultant images, he is also known for his versatility and flexibility ... and the picture possiblities is just endless.
And of course if you talk about tonal range, contrast and resolution ... the master has covered it all. He can capture YOU and the moment in its full-blooded movements. And as a model of course ... all YOU do is wait and dream of unlimited possibilites Rick's camera can offer. That's what Chris R. did ... and boy did he have the bebst surprise of his life?
Photo Credits: Rick Day

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reggie Curley

Men are like ... submarines.
"Sisid" lang ng "sisid" ... at nakakatagal sila sa "ilalim"!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Junior Ferreira: Mr. Roraima 2011

Watch out guys ... Junior Ferreira- Mr. Roraima 2011 will show us what he got when he battle it out with other Brazilian brothers in a much touted pageant fight of the year - the Mr. Brazil 2011. We started seeing images of the candidates who will comprise the competing candidates and this year is highly regarded the cream of the crop. Will Brazil duplicate the success of last year's Brazilian winners when the grandslam male pageants (Mr. World, Manhunt International, and Mr. International) have the three Brazilian brothers included in their winning circles! Gosh ... I can't wait ...
Photo Credits: Mister Brazil Mundo 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Latin Titleholder: Leonardo Bagarolo

Leonardo Bagarolo was Mr. Arhur Noguiera 2011 and competed in Mr. Sao Paulo 2011. He is a model and loves to join pageants. Photo Credits: All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Dan Almeida: Mr. Amazonas 2011

Dan Almeida is 24 years old and stands 1,85 and is the current Mr. Amazonas 2011. He will be Amazonas hope to hit it big in Mr. Brazil 2011 which will have its finals in the first week of May.

Dan is a model and a student de derecho. Check him out in the finals!
Photo Credits: Mr. Brazil Mundo
-All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Geron Lontoc: Top Pinoy Model

Photo #1 (Thanks to Geron Lontoc and his websites)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo # 5Photo # 6Photo # 7Photo # 8Photo # 9Photo # 10Photo # 11

Geron Lontoc Jr. (a campus hunk at DLSU-COSB) is not a newbie in the modelling scene. If his memory serves him right, he started modelling when he was ten and from there modelling opportunities knocked at his door but it was only in the last two years where he seriously look at the modelling business with a hawk's eyes.

I presumed that was the time when he joined Mossimo Bikini Open Summit and had a brush with fame and glamour. That was also the time he experience that gnawing feeling inside as he fought two contrasting feeling tones: one is maintaining good relationships with his co candidates ... and the other one is "maintaining grace under pressure" as he tried to move heaven and earth and become the "last man standing " before the night was over.

As the cliche goes, when the smoke was cleared ... the winners were announced ... reality sets in ... and the rest was history. And to continue his quest on becoming a "commercial model" that he wanted to be he signed at Mercator Modelling Agency under Jonas Gaffud where he is regarded as one of the TOP THREE - and that includes Geron Lontoc, Mikael Daez and Henrique Soriano. Watch out for the three in the nearest ramp near you.
Photo Credits:
-Chelle Serrano
-JC Cerilla
-All photos are copyright to their rightful owners.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Murilo Rezende: Mr. Piaui 2011

Photo # 1 (Thanks to Murilo Rezende and his websites)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo # 5Photo # 6Photo # 7Photo # 8Photo # 9Photo # 10
The next Mr. Brazil 2011 is almost a hair breath away having its schedule in the first week of May, but one candidate is really making a big splash and pageant watchers are taking notes. Murilo Rezende is Mr. Piaui 2011 and stands 1,83 m and will soon give the other competetors and pretenders to the throne a threat like no other.
As a trailer to the big event in May, Murilo Rezende has given us a preview on what to expect when he had several daring shots in Junior. Some big ripples were felt after browsing the photos, and it looks like the tsunami impact is increasing each day. Good Luck!
Photo Credits:
-Mr. Brazil Mundo
-All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.