Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lem Estiva: This Photographer Is A Model!

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Role Reversal? Well ... It can happen to anybody ... especially to a photographer who once was a model and a pageant candidate himself ... and then later ... have a change of heart and wants to try something new ... like photography perhaps? Confusing huh? But that's what happen to Lem Estiva who has the opportunity to try everything, and switch roles whenever he feels like it.

As a photographer ... Lem Estiva in his multiply blog mesmerizes you with an extraordinary portfolio of intimate and sensual male or female body forms. He takes a classical, almost a sculptural approach to human body ... and his photographs are characterized by technical and stylistic perfection. His images are meticulously refined and stylized, their affective power is very much about flesh and blood ... creating an electric tension between the abstract beauty of his subjects on the other hand ... and their raw sexuality on the other.

As a model, he can be a stunning internet companion too ... and the finished product shown above is an unabashed and exquisite salute to his genius. Having been relegated at the back of the camera for awhile ... his intuitive powers remained intact ... and who could better paint a tapestry of beautiful images than a photographer who was a model ... and a model who moonlights as a photographer. Here are some quick facts about Lem Estiva:

Name: Lemon Alcantara Estiva
Nickname: Lem
Birthdate: October 20
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Birthplace: San Pablo Laguna
Place of Residence: Pasig City
Height: 5 ft and 9 inches
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Education: Political Science
University: Dela Salle University
Hobbies: Photography, Singing
Favorite Music: R & B, Jazz, House
Work: Businessman and a partime Photographer
-model and product endorser
Male Pageant Joined:
-SM Man Of The Year 1995
Awards and Recognition:
-SM Man Of The Year- First Runner Up
-Mr. Photogenic
-Mr. Talent- Second Place
Other Competetions Joined:
-NAMCYA- National Amateur Competetion For Young Artist 1990
-First Place Division Level
-First Place Regional Level
-Third Place- National Level
Image Model For: Crimson Shirts and Jeans
Products Endorsed:
-Crimson Shirts and Jeans
-SM Supermalls
-Kamera World
-San Miguel Beer
-Far East Bank and Tryst Company
Has done covers for the following magazine:
-View Magazine
-Ms. Clavel Magazine
-S Magazine
-Celebrity Living Magazine
-M (Mindanao) Magazine
-Business Mirror
-The Philippine Star
-Sun Star Cebu
Photo Credits:
-MJ Cachero-
-Apy Arevalo-
-Ronnie Salvacion-
-Jay Santos-
-All photos are copyright to their rightful owners.

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