Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AJ Perez: The Gift of Eyesight!

Photo # 1 (In loving memory of AJ Perez)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo # 5Photo # 6Photo # 7Photo # 8Photo # 9Photo # 10Photo # 11AJ Perez is basically a generous person, and last week proved his magnanimity and his unselfishness when two corneal transplant were done as AJ gave the gift of eyesight to two lucky recipients, Lawrence Villanueva and an eight year old boy who have lost their vision the last three months. Lawrence already had his corneal transplant and is recuperating very well. The eight year old boy is now having his preliminanry work-ups.

The president of Sta Lucia Eye Bank, Dr Menguita Padilla, expressed and lauded AJ's parents decision to donate their son's cornea. The same words of appreciation were heard from the recipients: " AJ may not be with us physically but his presence will be felt as he continue to touch the lives of these two special people.

For the record Miko Soto, Jay Ilagan and Angelo, (the son of Cesar Montano), Edward James (Toni Rose Gaida's son ) are among the famous movie personalities who died but donated their corneas to the Eye Bank. (all photos are copyright to its rightful owners.)

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