Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How True Is The News That Murillo Rezende Was Assassinated?

I was reading a Portuguese blog and I read a news about Murillo Rezende being assassinated near his friend's apartment. I am not sure of this news yet ... but the news keep on using the word "assassinado". Of course I know what it means, and since the rest of the news item was in Portuguese, I kept on convincing myself "No ... this isn't true ...." to think that five days ago, I featured him again in this blog the nth time around.

Murillo Rezende was on the top of my list in the recently concluded Mr. Brazil 2011 along with Lucas Malvacini, and this news if it is true is quite devastating to his fans and believers. I am one of them. So if you heard about him ... or any news for that matter that confirm or contradict his assassination, you are welcome to SHOUT OUT! Thanks!

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