Saturday, October 29, 2011

RIP: Ram Revilla

- This is kind of an eerie experience for us ... especially that a day from now is All Saint's day. Was it just coincidental ... or there was some kind of magnetic or shall we say divine plan that lured me into featuring Ram Revilla and include him in Man Central Hall of Famers.
-A day ago I posted a feature on Ram Revilla, I was debating myself that if cousin Jolo Revilla made it to our elite list of Pinoy hunks, so should Ram. And he should. I painfully researched on his filmography and after an hour, his first landing in the orbit of Man Central pages was published.
-I was listening to TFC's TV Patrol that time, and I almost fell on my chair when Alex Santos dropped the bomb as he read the headline that Ram Revilla was shot, stabbed and was killed in his house. PHEEEEW!
-I feel numb and my head start spinning like Im going to vertigo. After recovering my dizzy and giddy state, I consoled myself ... the Man Central piece I did for him, I guess is my way of singing hossana in his name ... a little swan song before he said goodbye.
-To Ram ... may you rest in PEACE!

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