Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Manhunt International 2011 Reader's Comments

Man Central is in the eye of the storm. It has never been inundated and deluged by phone calls and emails, a lot of them disgruntled pageant watchers who were just trying to verbalize what they feel ... and what they thought about the recently concluded Manhunt International 2011.

We thought the sentiments were in one direction and Man Central being neutral as he is, just want their voices heard, and in the spirit of free-spirited discusssion we hope after the end of the day we learn from our mistakes ...(if Manhunt Organization see them in the same light) Here are some of the excepts of the comments. Man Central tried to remove the expletives to tone down the emotions a bit.

- Brazil was robbed. And so is the Czech Republic ... This is insane ...

- NO Brazil and NO Costa Rica? WTF! And we even feel they don't want Venezuela too in the semifinalist list ...

- We have nothing against China, he deserve a top 5 slot in our book ... but seeing the faces of semi-finalists, (I refuse to name names) ... the organizers should have a lot of re-thinking after this debacle. It is refreshing to see Philippines though ... we were rooting for him.

- This is outrageous. India was snobbed ... but Malaysia and Mongolia was there. And what happened to Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia. It is good Nelson Sterling was first Runner Up.

- I just feel for Brazil , Costa Rica and India who were totally thrashed ... After travelling halfway around the world, and spend hard-earned money for this contest, this is what they got.

- One of the best time Manhunt have was last year. The top 5 was impeccable and you never heard a single complaint. This year's top 16 ,,, the results are really f*cked up.

- Aside from Brazil and Costa Rica, Iran and Algeria were sorely missed. Sana pinagbigyan naman sila sa Top 16, para ganahan naman sila at magpadala ulit ng candidate nest year.

- This is the worst swimwear used in the contest.... shades of that yellow swimwear used at the time China won in 2007! It looked like they were sized SMALL ... and the candidates were struggling to make them fit. We really have a fun day seeing the candidates balls squeezed .... HAHAHA!

- Malaysia, Mongolia, Hawaii, Korea as semi-finalists over more seasoned models? This is quite a casting coup having a lot of Asians in the cast. China, Vietnam and Philippines is already a crowd .... but adding more to the three ... I really think ... is an overkill. The aggrieved countries will rethink about their participation in future events.

There were also good reviews received ... but the naysayers outweights their good points. Again, we are bringing up these comments for a healthy and a more productive discussions and as we said before ... to vent up kept emotions and resentment. At the end of the day, when the dust settles, lessons are learned, and we are hoping for a more credible results in the future. And to the candidates who were ignored, we pray for a tolerant mind and a forgiving heart. And to the Manhunt franchise holders all over the world we also wish them well. We don't know the other side of the story here ... and it is quite unfair to presume and assume the worst. The Manhunt Organization needs you, and much that they want to please everybody ... they can't. This is a contest and no matter what ... one will emerge the winner ... and the rest a clapper.

However, Man Central agrees with everybody that pageant organizers should strive for excellence and to give a more credible results. Politics, favoritism and biases should never be in its midst and when everybody sees that, the vision that one day Manhunt will have 80 or so candidates fighting for the crown will now be a reality and not just a dream.

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