Tuesday, April 6, 2010

John Bardo Espiritu: Wishful Thinking!

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Michael Manansala was not able to place at all at the Mr. International 2009 held in Taiwan recently. And with that thought ... looking at the photos of John Bardo Espiritu in this feature I can't help but wonder.

What if ... we send two representative to the Mr. International contest (I know it will not happen ha ha). Will John Bardo Espiritu fare better?

I am not trying to question the judges decision here nor I have biases with Michael Manansala. I was really rooting for Michael actually, it is just that he was not lucky enough. And both came from different years: one was 2008 and the other being 2009. All I say, given both the chance to compete ... will John make a better impression with the judges? It is a wishful thinking ... that's all!

Photo Credits:
-Ian Felix Alquiros: http://manilaguy25.multiply.com/

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