Thursday, April 1, 2010

Leonardo Corredor: Fully Clothe This Week!

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This is Holy Week ... and in observance with the solemnity of the season we gave you a fully clothe Leonardo Corredor, a Venezuelan model who grew up in Arkansas and a go-getter at Mr Handsome Venezuela held 2 years back.

We thought we have a hard time finding photos of Leonardo Corredor that fits the week. But with our patience and perseverance it paid off. With Leonardo's past photos (that brings warmth or chills depending on what kind of a person you are), and a video brouhaha that shocks the male pageantry world ... it was a gargantuan task! Almost 90 % of his photos provokes lust and sexual energy and what do you know ... even his photos with clothes on creates some chain reaction.

I also heard from a little birdie that Leonardo Corredor arrived in the Philippines some months ago to the delight of some of my multiply-photographer-friends. It was a fun day and everybody elbowed each other and their cameras went berserk ... click ... click ... CLICK!

I already saw the photos taken by Filbert Kung, Andrian Jutba and Glenn Peter Perez. WooooW! Great job ... you guys! Hope to feature them one of this days.
Photo Credits To some Photos: David Vance
All photos are copyright to their rightful owners.

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