Friday, April 2, 2010

XLR8: A Youthful and a Cutiful Boygroup!

Photo # 1-Adrian MuhlachPhoto # 2-Melmar MagnoPhoto # 3- Hideaki TorioPhoto # 4-Caleb SantosPhoto # 5- Meljohn MagnoPhoto # 6- Francis Albert RamosPhoto # 7- Arkin del RosarioPhoto # 8- Carlo Lazerna
They come ... and they go! Too many hot new faces arrives and then silently leave showbiz stratosphere, but that didn't dampen the spirits of newbies wanting to get a fastbuck in showbiz lotto draw. ABS CBN has its Pinoy Big Brother series and GMA has just finished Starstruck and what do you know these neophytes you don't even where they came from, suddenly wants to try the celluloid screen themselves armed with nothing at all except a little dancing or singing talent, and a little "reality show exposure" ... but in fairness ... some of them are cute, so cute fans started to notice them in the process. A lot of them succeeds though but there are some who get a meteoric rise and later on find out they are in limbo.
Last week at Party Filipinas another boygroup was intruduced and they got some intriguing name - XLR8, membered by a youthful, cutiful dance and sing boys (Hideaki Torio, Adrian Muhlach, Melmar Magno, Caleb Santos, Meljohn Magno, Carlo Lazerna, Arkin del Rosario and Francis Albert Ramos) all ready to make you swoon and turn Pop as they are programmed to make a dent at Pinoy Pop. They are handled by Viva Records so we think they are in good hands.
We saw them first at Party Pilipinas and the You're So Hot Music Video is already on air. And from what we see ... let us make room for these kids OKEY?

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