Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thai Model: What's His Name?

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Man Central normally doesn't feature any model that we don't know. Just some policy that we have tried to follow in our six years of blog-existence. But there are models at times that hit us hard, and that we could not ignore them and just dismiss them with a sigh or a shrug of the shoulder.
Much that we break our own rule ... and that we insist on having him grace the pages of this blog without his name, we feel ... we did the right thing. Man Central is suppose to be the home of gorgeous men ... and not knowing his name or his identity will not be the reason why he will be not be given the same treatment as those with names.
Paging all our Thai readers! If you happen to know the name of the model feature above ... please write to us. Who knows if we know his name, we can google him ... and we may have more gorgeous photos of him in the next months. Photo Credits: @GuessMen

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