Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Peter Menky: The Most Believable Winner!

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If there is one candidate and pageant winner who has not experience the trauma of protests after the pageant finals ... one name tops the list ... and that man is no other than Peter Menky of Slovak Republic.

After the pageant is over ... it is not uncommon that supporters of losing candidates starts creating a noise barrage and file internet protests against the winner. They made their complaints known by writing unprintables ... that there was favoritism ... or some sort of descrimination ... and worse some hometown decisions. And how many pageants in the past have we known when pageant observers and critics stepped down on the victor's winning moments by sowing the seeds of doubt why a guy won and not this one.

But in Peter's victory in Manhunt International 2010, it is unusually quiet ... you could almost hear a pin drop. Actually it's a good sign, and as one friend put it ... and to quote him ... "it's all be cause he is the most deserving ... and everybody agrees ..."
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